40% Discount for Key Workers


For everything you do, and to show our appreciation, we’re offering key workers a 40% discount on broker fees when you’re getting a mortgage through Mortgage Buddy.

How does the saving work?

Our matching service is completely free to you. When we match you with a broker, they’re the ones who really do the hard work to get you a mortgage, so they may charge a fee for all of the research and specialist work they do.

We’ve negotiated a 40% discount on that fee for key workers to give you that extra bit of financial relief, and hopefully make buying a house just that little bit easier.

To take advantage of the offer, click the “Step 1: Get In Touch!” button at the bottom of the page and add the code


into the message box when you fill out your details.

What Do Mortgage Buddy Do?

Mortgage Buddy will help you find that one adviser that you need. Forget the 40,000,000 that are advertised online.  

If you have credit issues, we can match you with a specialist. If you’re a first-time buyer, we can match you with a specialist. If you’re a company director, there are mortgages for you. We match you with a whole-of-market adviser whose only interest is to get you the very best deal. 

Sound good? Our matching service is completely free to you and you can start by clicking the button below.

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