5 Tips To Make Your Brand New Home Feel Christmassy!

December? Already?

Christmas comes but once a year and for those who are new homeowners, it may be the first celebration you get to enjoy in your new home.

Here are a few tips to help you make your new home feel cosy this Christmas.

1. Fairy Lights

Never underestimate the power of sparkling lights! – They’re a great way of adding an instant cosiness to any space. You can choose bright colours, or warmer yellowy tones to make your home feel the right mix of festive and cosy.

They’re a great and affordable way to get started on your festive decorations. (You don’t even have to put them in any difficult to reach places)

You can also put battery lights in jars as a nice light for a room – especially handy if you haven’t unpacked yet.


2. DIY Garlands

DIY garlands are all the rage this year. From paper trees and stars to pom-poms and baubles. There are loads of options out there that are affordable and doable. (Especially if you have a few cardboard moving boxes lying around asking to be made into something – who knows, it might even encourage you to unpack the last few boxes.)

Here are a few how-to’s that we’ve found.

You can also visit our #HoHoHomeByXmas Pinterest Board for more inspiration.


3. Baking Up A (Snow)storm

When you’ve just moved, baking can feel like a bit of a chore (particularly if you’ve yet to unpack that last kitchen box). Baking isn’t only great for getting into the festive spirit but it makes the house feel cosy and you get some tasty treats from it.

You could bake some gingerbread to hang on the tree or go simple with some festive biscuits or cakes.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll be encouraged to unpack those kitchen non-essentials that you’ve been putting off while you wait for your treats to bake.

4. Create Some Lasting Christmas Memories

There are loads of personalised decorations out there, from baubles to giant prints. One thing you might enjoy is taking those ideas and putting your own spin on them.

If you’re going to try your hand at some crafts, how about putting something together to remind you of your first Christmas in your new home?

You could paint your own baubles using some spare plain ones. Family and friends may be happy to donate a couple to you if you haven’t got any decorations of your own yet.

You could also have a look at this DIY wreath painting you can make yourself at home.

5. Relax!

When you move house it can feel a touch stressful. Hopefully, your Mortgage Buddy advisor took a lot of that stress away, but if you didn’t use an MB advisor (where were you!) you could probably do with a rest after a busy year.

Moving house (or maintaining one) is a really big deal, so you might want to sit back, put your feet up and just enjoy some Christmas films.

Maybe you could work your way through this list of the 70+ Best Christmas Films.

(And write our number down for when your remortgage comes around)

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