Preparing For Your Appointment with Your Advisor

You’re Booked In! What Can You Expect? (& How to Change Your Appointment)

Your Mortgage Buddy agent will arrange a time for your appointment with your advisor. You’ll have confirmation of this via text and email.

At this point you’ll get your advisors name, company, email address and contact number, so you’ll have everything you need in advance of your appointment.

Should you need to rearrange, you can easily do so by contacting your advisor directly, whether that’s just a quick text, email or phone call.

You can also call us to rearrange the appointment for you, should you need to.

How Long Will The Appointment With Your Advisor Take?

This can depend on how many questions you have! Your advisor will take as long as is needed to put you at ease, talking you through as much information as you wish to go into at this early stage. As a guide, you should allow at least 30 minutes, preferably up to an hour, especially if you know your application may be slightly more complicated.

Your advisor will spend this time bettering their understanding of you, your current situation, and what you are looking to do. Part of this process involves gaining an understanding of all of the following; your income, expenditure, financial commitments, credit history and overall financial profile. It is your advisor’s responsibility to offer suitable advice to you, so to help them to do so, they will collect information to help build a picture of your options.

How Can You Prepare For Your Appointment?

It can be helpful to double-check a few things ahead of your appointment so that you have details to hand.

These can include:

  • Your gross basic income
  • Any regular bonuses or overtime
  • Any deductions on your payslip for things like salary sacrifice schemes.
  • Your total income received if self-employed
  • Your financial commitments such as cars, rent, credit cards etc.
  • Any other income details (e.g. child benefit)
  • Any previous adverse credit that you’re aware of

It can be helpful to obtain your credit report so you and your advisor can accurately see what the details of your credit history are. You can find out more about why this is important here.

Your advisor can also help you with protections including income protection and other related insurances. For these, it’s useful to know what your current employer offers in terms of sick pay, both how much you are likely to get and how long you are covered for.

Is There Anything Else You Can Do?

Nope, just relax. You are speaking to an advisor for advice – so let them do the hard work. It’s extremely common for people to not really know what happens during the process of buying a house and getting a mortgage, that’s why many enlist experts to help (like your advisor!)

As long as you have the time, and as much information as you can, that is all that you can do. If there are things you’re unable to get in time for the appointment, it’s no problem.

Lastly, your Mortgage Buddy agent will always be available and able to re-arrange appointments as needed or answer any queries or concerns you might have in advance of your appointment, (and after!) We aren’t going anywhere so you can reach out at any time.